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 The Capital Area Prison Ministry

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Our ministry is based on “loving God through worship for the ex-offender” and “loving our Community through service for the ex-offender”.


The purpose originally in establishing the Prison Ministry was to educate church members and the Community about who ex-offenders are through fellowship dinners (an opportunity to acknowledge ex-offenders who have been out of incarceration for at least one year), workshops, literature and open forum.

The Capital Area Prison Ministry was created to address the needs of the incarcerated individuals. Our philosophy is based on our commitment to teach inmates how to incorporate the Word of God into their daily decision-making through Bible studies, religious literature and testimonies.

The Ministry was established through the direct commission from our Lord and Savior to visit those in prison as found in Matthew 25:42-46. Our ministry was established almost 12 years ago when we made our first official visit on October 6, 1999. Prior to that date, for one year we diligently dedicated ourselves to an approval process before we were allowed to officially enter the prisons.